Donnie On the Spot: How does he do it?

September 18th, 2016

almightyDonald Trump was tweeting about the bombing on West 23rd Street in Manhattan almost as soon as it happened. And it’s hardly the first time that he has been “Donnie-on-the-Spot” with commentary about such an event.

In fact, he seems to possess something akin to prescience when it comes to tragedies that make the kinds of headlines that feed into his dark narrative of violence and fear, and inflame his base.

As he himself might say: What the hell is going on? And as he himself might do, we are wont to speculate. In his style, here’s how he might put it:

“We don’t know what’s going on, but perhaps he has inside information. It could be that some of his disgusting Russian pals are involved. Or not. We just don’t know. But it’s unbelievable and we have to look into it.”

In 1982, Irving Wallace produced a riveting novel about a megalomaniacal media mogul who conspires with terrorists, including Carlos The Jackal, to manipulate, control and ultimately create the news. At one point, he even engineers an assassination attempt on the Pope. His objective of course, is absolute, ultimate power.

The real-life villain most often cited in reviews and discussions of the book is ruthless Rupert Murdoch. But in the current political environment, the rules have been (at least) suspended, so it’s fair game to imagine the GOP presidential nominee in that role.

He certainly has the money and the connections. He also has the kind of unbridled ambition that motivates extreme acts and behavior.

On the other hand, there may be nothing to the idea. But, as noted, we just don’t know. Maybe we should look into it…

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