Dear Donnie… Time to come clean

August 10th, 2016

imagesAQDZKS14Dear Donnie:

It’s time for you to come clean.

It’s been over a year since you officially became a candidate for President, and as you have reminded us repeatedly during that time, you’re way smarter than the rest of us.

So if it’s true, as you’ve said, that you’re “a really smart guy” with “a very good brain,” how come you and your surrogates are still excusing your numerous gaffes, misstatements and missteps as utterances by someone who’s “not a career politician”?

Surely, a man who knows “more about ISIS than the generals,” and whose “IQ is one of the highest” can suss out the role of a common pol in less than a year.

Shouldn’t a man who has amassed “a net worth of over $10 billion” and “created tens of thousands of jobs” be able to stay on message for more than 48 hours at a time – instead of losing his cool and going ballistic every time somebody criticizes him?

Shouldn’t “a really smart guy” with “a very good brain” know the difference between Tim Kaine of Virginia and Tom Keane of New Jersey? Or that Russia had actually already invaded the Ukraine?

Shouldn’t a man that smart be familiar with the Nuclear Triad and be able to identify David Duke as a Ku Klux Klan leader without being prompted? Or know better than to raise the horrific spectre of political assassination by suggesting that “Second Amendment People” might stop Hillary Clinton’s agenda?

As Paul Manafort must have told you by now, there’s a HUGE difference between dancing around on the edges of politics, throwing verbal grenades at people just to watch them explode, and actually being one of the participants in the ring – i.e. a candidate.

In case he didn’t, here’s the skinny. When you’re a candidate, you’re accountable for everything you say, every minute of every day, and everybody’s opinion matters. You win or lose points on the basis of how you deal with controversy; how well you handle criticism; and the dignity with which you carry yourself in the process. And the more you fluff off outrageous statements you make by saying “It was just a joke,” or “It was just a suggestion,” or “The media took it out of context,” the more ground you lose.

So which is it, Donnie: Are you stupid? Or do you think we are?

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