Pop Goes the Evil (of Racism)

February 13th, 2016



Of all of the ridiculous, unfounded charges leveled at President Obama across the past seven years, the most baseless and inane is that he has made racism in America worse.

Like a pimple, racism has lurked under the skin of our national face for decades: an irritating presence that seemed to rise and fall with fluctuations in temperature, humidity and diet.

Now and then, we put cold (or warm) compresses on it. For example, expropriating tax dollars from public schools to subsidize the operation of private/charter schools, and pretending that we were really doing it so that minority children could get a better education.

Sometimes we covered it up with concealers — like the pretense of “colorblindness” — or distracted attention from it with bellicose calls for yet another war in yet another foreign land where the majority of young lives lost would be those of young men of color — again.

For a while, we even abstained from the consumption of racist hate-speech. Today, we call that abstention political correctness — a linguistic restriction eschewed with equal enthusiasm by both supporters of a leading Republican fascist candidate and numerous militant rap and hip-hop artists.

The election and presidency of Barack Obama have exposed all of those pathetic, meaningless gestures for what they are.

More significantly, the election and presidency of Barack Obama has revealed the comedo of racism for what it is: a thick, infectious, debris-filled obstruction that forms a nasty blemish on our national face

What has happened during Barack Obama’s tenure as POTUS is that the head of America’s big zit is now above the skin.

Red, swollen and pus-filled, it is finally ready to be treated. But heed the words of WebMD: “Don’t poke too early. Wait until your pimple has a firm white head.”

Complete instructions are available here: http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/teen-acne-13/pop-a-zit?page=2 And they involve alcohol!

Let’s follow them.

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