How to spot a failing campaign

February 4th, 2016

imagesOBQKHDPVAnyone who has ever done combat duty in politics knows what a campaign heading south looks like.

Senior managers and staff disagree on strategy and direction. Funding for essentials is denied or canceled while money is spent on swag and frippery. And the candidate makes wild, unfounded accusations about the opposition.

All of this is happening within the world of The Donald.

In just the past few days, Politico has reported:

“,,, there is tension inside the Trump campaign about the robustness of its field and data operations. One person familiar with the disagreements said Trump’s state directors have been denied funding for their field and data requests.”

“Trump’s reports show that his self-funded campaign has spent relatively little on voter data or outreach. They showed $200,000 in list rental payments to the conservative Newsmax Media, and $47,000 to Targeted Victory, a leading GOP digital firm, as well as $700,000 on field staff and consultants.

By contrast, the campaign has spent at least $1.2 million on hats…”

And finally:

“The billionaire businessman, still licking his wounds after a decisive loss in Iowa on Monday, is now crying foul, accusing Ted Cruz of stealing the election and calling for a do-over.”

He has even threatened to sue, although he didn’t specify whether the defendant would be Ted Cruz, the Iowa Republican Party, or the entire State of Iowa.

Maybe it’s an omen, but on top of everything else, The Donald’s 757 had engine trouble over Tennessee yesterday and had to make an emergency landing, after which Himself was forced to continue his journey in a “small charter aircraft,” according to Reuters.

Oh, the horror of it all: a small charter aircraft!

With a “YUUGE” lead in New Hampshire — now at 20 points according to Real Clear Politics — Trump must deliver a corresponding big win in next Tuesday’s primary.

If he doesn’t, it will be interesting to see who he blames – and who hears him say “You’re Fired!”

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